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Wake Me by Bleachers from the album: Strange Desire


There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger!

The Last Bookstore
Los Angeles, California.


I’ll always love you ‘cause we grew up together and you helped make me who i am. i just wanted you to know there will be a piece of you in me always, and i’m grateful for that. whatever someone you become, and wherever you are in the world, i’m sending you love. you’re my friend to the end.

— her (2013)

Shut the fuck up about 50 shades of grey. No one fucking cares



oh hun

let me just give you a quick run down of all the things wrong with this ask:

1-you assume i care what some asshole anon has to say when i have 300 pounds and i’m going kikass birthday shopping today

2-you assume id care about some asshole anon any other day of the year

3-i care about the 50 shades of grey thing. and whether you do or not is irrelevant to me because you are, after all, just an asshole anon

4- this is my blog and i’ll post whatever the fuck i want, if you cant take three fucking posts about something without turning into a soggy cum stained dishrag then i suggest you make use of that unfollow button because youre gross

5- lemme break this down for you

if you dont care about this 50 shades situation, you need to grow the fuck up and look at the facts

the fact is the book was so misinformed that all the practises about bdsm culture were ignored and shit all over.

he ignores the safeword

he legitimately rapes her

he never explains everything about bdsm culture to her, shes so misinformed its ridiculous

and all of this is going even more public than it already has and its being romanticised and released on valentines day 

like “happy valentines honey! i bought some ropes i dont actually know how to tie and a whip i dont actually know how to use and i’m going to just gloss over the fact you’re uncomfortable because that clearly doesnt matter!”

incorrect use of a whip can cause organ failure

incorrect knots used on wristst or feet can literally cause them to need to be amputated

its perpetuating rape culture in ways ive never seen it be advanced to this leve; and if you dont care then youre truly disgusting 

you dont care about the kids not fully understanding their sexuality being abused by older people who they think are totally allowed to do this shit?

you dont care about the people that will be raped because of this because hey apparently rape is sexy?

you dont care about the fact that the bdsm culture is, once again, being portrayed as people who are fucked up and must have been abused to be that way rather than normal people who enjoy a kink in their own homes?

you dont care about the fact that youre not supposed to bleed on your first time. ever. and now tons more girls are going to think that its completely normal? that tons more guys will? that tons of people are going to think its expected for the female to bleed when SHE WONT IF SHES BEEN SUFFICIENTLY TURNED ON AND STRETCHED ITS REALLY NOT THAT HARD

you dont care about the stereotype of subs not actually enjoying bdsm culture is being widespread? that all subs dislike it and simply have an ulterior motive?

you dont care about the underlying message of the book being “a woman should give everything, including herself, to a man”?

you dont care about all the people in abusive relationships that will think “oh well this must be normal then” and stay there?

christian grey is a run-of-the-mill abusive boyfriend. he isnt a dom. 

a dom loves his/her sub completely and the motto of bdsm is "safe, willing and sane" (or something like that anyone feel free to correct me)

it means that both partners have to be completely willing, with boundaries, safewords and everything worked out before they even think about touching eachother intimately. 

if something is a boundary, you dont fucking do it

that simple

if the safeword is used it stops. everything stops

that simple

a dom should treat his sub like a goddamn princess (unless they have prearranged and understand that he wont eg-pet play, slave play where anything outside of the bedroom is also in the same dynamic HOWEVER IT IS STILL CONSENSUAL SO IT IS STILL OKAY)

a dom is not christian grey

but millions of people are going to think he is and are going to think that thats the way bdsm should be and they’ll get involved in something very dangerous if they dont have the real facts.

that people will think its romantic because this shit is scheduled for valentines day  to treat your partner like shit, abuse her, and that what? getting them off absorbs you of all your shit? no. this is so fucking gross and im not taking a backseat when this shit happens

so in conclusion

literally fuck you, you insensitive fuck stain, this issue is so fucking important.


Courage doesn’t always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the
end of the day saying,
“i will try again tomorrow.”
Mary Anne Radmacher, Live Boldly (via larmoyante)


fun date idea:

take me to comic con

drop me off


Hmmm….ok where should I start. Today was a long day.

A few things: really, don’t trust the gps; don’t go hiking (at new places) by yourself; don’t stare at dogs.

I’m actually really proud of myself for going out and going hiking today, even though I left later than planned. I got lost on the way to the trail, ACTUALLY, my gps took me to this private road and I ended up in front of this house, and omg. My car got stuck in this ditch. And I panicked so much. I thought I was going to have to call a tow truck. Holy fuck. DON’T EVEN ASK HOW IT HAPPENED. I was so afraid I was gonna pop a tire or really dent up my car. Thank god I got out with just a few minor scratches. T___T And because I didn’t know if I was at the right place or not, I decided to walk up this steep road only to nearly be chased by this giant, scary dog. URGH.

Anyways, good news is I got out of that alive, and found my way back to the road. I really wanted to go home at this point, but I found the actual trail on my phone and it said it was only 3 mins away, so I thought I may as well check it out. Got there, there was no parking. And everyone had a discover pass, and I didn’t even know where to buy one. I saw a car parked on the road, with no pass, so I parked behind him, and then there was this person out on his balcony across the street and I asked if it was okay to park here AND not have a pass, and he said I was good, so that was cool. 

The first mile or so on the trail wasn’t so bad. There was this one fork in the road a little bit in with NO sign. Luckily I went the right way. lol And damn. The climb was so steep. I think I walked at least two miles without breaking. I wasn’t tired when I saw the first rest stop, but ends up there isn’t anywhere else to sit or rest for a loongg while after. There were so many times that I thought I was lost. And no one was around. And it doesn’t help that there were cautionary cougar and bear signs. And that I’m afraid of the forest. Yeah. Idk what I was thinking. I got so paranoid.

Right when I was thinking of giving up I finally see the 0.5 more miles sign, and then when I took that trail, it messed me up even more because it was going down a lot and I felt like I was going down the mountain again. And then the next sign I saw pointed back the way I was going to stay on the trail and I was SO confused. And paranoid. So I went all the way back to the previous checkpoint, almost running, and saw some people there and asked if they knew the way. Ends up it was their first time there too, so we decided to go back the way I came and damn. Made me wish I just kept going. But then it was cool, because we made it to the lookout point, and I made some friends. And I got to go down with them, because I definitely would have been a little afraid by myself. lol

Damn the view was so worth it. So pretty. 

Also. I totally fell on the way down. Dammit. I was SO close to my car too. There was this guy going up with his dog, which was pretty big, and freaked me out a little, and I just stared at it, which made me trip over a rock and urgh. At least the bushes I fell into didn’t have any thorns. 

Well that was my day. I’m so tired now. But I’m glad I went. Finally. Been wanting to go since beeffoorreee May.

There are songs I can’t listen to anymore, movies I can’t watch anymore, names I can’t say out loud anymore. Because the things that come with it are things I don’t want to feel anymore.
You only missed my voice
when nobody else called you.
Y.Z, A ten word story on being a second choice. (via blindthoughts)

Production DesignHero (2002)

by Zhenzhou Yi and Huo Tingxiao